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Hearing Loss Clinic with experts delivering affordable, customized hearing care.

We help people hear better everyday. From routine hearing tests to tailored Hearing Aid treatment plans. No referral necessary.

Thomas Pilla Hearing instrument Specialist. hearing aid guru
Affordable hearing loss treatment plans based on your individual needs.
Accessible clinics and Mobile hearing services. 
Precise results powered by science and experience.
Serving over 1500 clients between Brockville, Smiths Falls and Morrisburg since 2016. Locally owned and operated.

We know hearing loss, and we know how to help

Feeling disconnected? We understand the silent pain of untreated hearing loss.


Stop missing out on precious moments. Experience a world where every laugh and every conversation is crystal clear. Hearing aid technology has become effective, efficient and discreet. 

We are the local Hearing professionals in Brockville, Smiths Falls and Morrisburg with solutions to help people hear their best.


A message from the Owners

Great Waterway Hearing was founded in 2016 with the idea that we could deliver great hearing care without all the fluff and gimmicks at chain hearing aid stores. This means our clients can save money on services or products they don't need. Our fitting methods ensure our clients are hearing the world with their devices in a one-off custom tailored sound experience. Choosing the right hearing care provider is most the important decision you can make when it comes to addressing your hearing loss. We are here to help you with every step of your hearing health journey. 

- Tommy Pilla & Debbie Boehm

the owners of great waterway hearing nephew and aunt

5 Reasons to choose us:


Improving how you hear speech

The Hearing Aid fitting process is a custom tailored process for each individual. Expect improvements to understanding speech, music and nature in a fine tuned audio experience. 


Follow up time with our experts

Customer service has been at the heart of our clinic since the beginning.  Our treatment plans include the time it takes to follow up clients, check up on the health of their hearing and hearing devices. Counselling on better hearing strategies, fine tune sound quality settings, with their feedback.


Cost savings

Our treatment plans and options ensure you are only paying for the devices and services you need, without the fluff of our competitors. In light of the competitive landscape, our focus is on providing top-notch value.


Results driven by science

The technological capabilities of hearing devices have never been better. Our expert team of professionals have access to some of the advanced tools and tech on the market to assess hearing loss and precisely verify hearing aid sound measurements.


We're Locally owned and operated.

We love Eastern Ontario. We might see you at the grocery store, local rink or bike trail. We are here for the long haul and we love helping people hear better everyday.

What real clients are saying about us:

"I have recently purchased two earpieces made by Starkey from Great Waterway Hearing. They are in ear  rechargeable units that are  very easy to use. They have greatly improved my quality of life.  Service and answers to questions have been excellent. I would highly recommend Great Waterway Hearing."
L.H. Brockville

Our Services

Debbie is using an otoscope to perform otoscopy on a patient during a hearing test
It all Starts here. 

We offer a free comprehensive hearing assessment so we can get the data we need to accurately select the appropriate treatment plan for your hearing loss and Tinnitus.

Our experienced staff know that personalization is the key to offering the highest quality hearing treatment. An off-the-shelf solution isn't enough for most people experiencing hearing loss. Our interactive fitting process prioritizes fitting accuracy using a data driven verification process to personalize each device based on our clients individual needs.
getting hearing aids paired to bluetooth devices
Our Treatment plans include follow up time with our Hearing care experts for adjustments, to review instructions and discuss better hearing strategies. Follow up hearing aid cleaning and hearing tests are needed to keep your ears and devices working their best.
Tommy hearing instrument specialist is inserting a hearing aid into their ear for a patient
From the most essential and practical hearing aids to intuitive modern devices offering Bluetooth connectivity, ergonomic fit and rechargeable batteries.
As an
independent hearing provider, outside pressures don't compromise our client-centric approach to device selection.
Titanium hearing aids from Phonak Virto Paradise
Debbie is counselling a patient on the use and care of their hearing aid. also helping to pair hearing aids to bluetooth

Clinic Locations

163 U Ormond St.

Brockville Ontario

K6V 1A8

613 704 2532

1A Main St E 

Smiths Falls, Ontario

K7A 1A1

613 718 0708

133 Main St.

Morrisburg Ontario

K0X 1X0

613 209 0187

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Have any questions about our services or would like to book an appointment?

Call one of our Clinic locations or email us below.

Brockville 613-704-2532
Morrisburg 613-209-0187
Smiths Falls 613-718-0708

Thanks for contacting us, you will hear from us soon.

Booking your appointment for a hearing test is easy and fun
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