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Rideau - St. Lawrence area's choice for Quality Hearing Healthcare

Locally owned and operated. Serving over 1000 clients since 2016.

It all Starts here. 

We offer a free comprehensive hearing assessment so we can get the data we need to accurately select the appropriate treatment plan for your hearing loss and Tinnitus.

Our Experienced staff know that personalization is the key to offering the highest quality hearing treatment . An off-the-shelf solution isn't enough to for most people experiencing hearing loss. Our interactive fitting process prioritizes fitting accuracy using a data driven verification process to personalize each device based on our clients individual needs.
From the most essential and practical hearing aids to intuitive modern devices offering Bluetooth connectivity, ergonomic fit and rechargeable batteries.

As an
independent hearing provider outside pressures don't compromise our client-centric approach to device selection.
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Our Local Team Of Experts

Great Waterway Hearing is a 100% family owned clinic providing many accessible hearing related services and products to much of the Rideau and St. Lawrence areas. We offer clinics in Brockville, Morrisburg and Smiths Falls.

Hearing loss can be a barrier keeping you from being as social, productive and included as you could be.  

It takes courage to address your hearing loss.  Let our friendly experts help you down the path to better hearing.

Start with a free Hearing Assessment at one of our local clinics or contact us for convenient In-Home Hearing Services.

We make the road to better hearing easier than ever, even for those with the most challenging hearing issues.

Why not try an Online Hearing Test?

Thomas Pilla Hearing aid

Thomas Pilla
Hearing Instrument Specialist

Debbie Boehm Hearing Tests Hearig Aids

Debbie Boehm

Hearing Instrument Specialist


Janica Roberts
Hearing Instrument Specialist

Locations Home

Clinic Locations

163 U Ormond St.

Brockville Ontario

K6V 1A8

613 704 2532

1A Main St E 

Smiths Falls, Ontario

K7A 1A1

613 718 0708

133 Main St.

Morrisburg Ontario

K0X 1X0

613 209 0187

Request an Appointment 

Have any questions about our services or would like to book an appointment?

Call one of our Clinic locations or email us below.

Brockville 613-704-2532
Morrisburg 613-209-0187
Smiths Falls 613-718-0708

Thanks for contacting us, you will hear from us soon.

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