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We can determine the severity and type of hearing loss from our assessment.

A series of audiometric tests consisting of:

  • Otoscopy

  • Tympanometry

  • Speech discrimination

  • Speech reception threshold

  • Air and bone pure tone audiometry

  • Other tests as required

Mobile Hearing Services
In-Home Hearing Services 

Hearing services delivered.

We can bring our clinic to you in the comfort of your own home.​

  • Full hearing assessments

  • Fitting

  • Repairs

Hearing Aids

Hearing Aids have modernized over the years. Our Hearing Instrument Specialists keep up with the latest digital hearing instruments. Once we determine your audiological and lifestyle needs, we can help you select the best options for your ears.

  • Behind The Ear      

  • Custom

  • Receiver In Canal

  • Many other styles, makes and models

rechargeable hearing aids phonak lumity
tiny titanium hearing aids smallest hearing aids
behind the ear receiver in canal hearing aids
Hearing Aid Maintenance and Repairs 

Many repairs are possible on hearing aids. 

  • Tubing changes

  • Vacuum cleaning

  • Battery doors

  • Cracked hearing aids

  • Fit issues 

Warranty on Products
Warranty on Products

Did you pay extra on your hearing aid invoice for a warranty/service package? Not Here.

Almost all of our hearing aids come with a 3 year warranty with an optional 4 year warranty on certain products. 

Best Hearing Aid Warranty Brockville Morrisburg Smiths Falls
Hearing Aid Maintenance
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