All in One Device

  • Phonak Audeo Paradse -  Not just a hearing aid 

  • Clear rich sound, rechargeable and non Rechargeable options, smart app connects to smartphones TV and more.

custum titanium hearing aid phonak virto titanium

Titanium Hearing Aids

  • Phonak Virto M Titanium

  • The super discreet custom hearing aid made from titanium


Custom Canal Hearing Aids

Custom Hearing Aid Brockvlle Smiths Falls Morrisburg
  • Phonak Virto M

  • Precisely biometrically calibrated to your individual ear anatomy for better hearing performance

Smart Hearing aids. Ipod Hearing aids Bluetooth Hearng aid Brockville Morrisburg Smiths Falls

ReSound LiNX

  • Hearing aids that adapt to you instead of making you adapt to them

  • Direct iPhone, Apple Watch and iPad compatibility

Custom Ear Plugs Custom Hearing Protection Brockville Morrisburg Smiths Falls

Custom Hearing Protection

  • Noise at work or at play we can help you protect your hearing with custom hearing protection

  • Recreational, industrial, custom fit hearing protection

  • Musician plugs ER-9 ER-15 ER-25