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Audeo Paradise blueooth hearing aid

Phonak Audéo™ Paradise

Love at first sound

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features of the Phonak Lumity heairng aid

Exceptional Sound Quality

  • Clear, rich sound

  • Automatically adapt to all of your listening environments 

  • Reduced listenting effort in noise

  • Delivers clear, rich sound in any situation

Connects to Smartphones, TV and more

  • A world's first that connects and streams from any Bluetooth Device

  • Enjoy hands-free calls

  • Stream sound to both ears for an exceptional hearing experience

Compatibility with bluetooth devices
Charger Case Go from Phonak

Rechargeable models

  • Enjoy a full day of hearing and streaming 

  • Quick charging and easy to use

  • Now you can charge on the go with a portable charging case

  • Some key features of the Phonak Audeo Paradise include:

  • Motion sensor: a built-in motion sensor that activates based on your physical movement, allowing you to continue conversations with ease as you move.

  • Speech enhancer and noise cancellation features: this allows you to hear the soft sounds in quiet conversations, as well as to have better hearing in loud environments. You can control the noise levels from the MyPhonak app.

  • Tap control: you can get weather updates, traffic reports and more all from just tapping your hearing aid.

  • Universal Bluetooth connectivity: connect to your virtual meetings, listen to music, Skype with family and connect to the TV directly with your hearing aid. You can also connect to two devices at the same time—hassle free!

  • Rechargeable: you won’t have to worry about batteries again with the quick-to-charge, long-lasting battery life. Enjoy a full day of worry free hearing before you have to charge your hearing aid!

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