• Thomas Pilla

Better Hearing & Speech Month

May is Better Hearing & Speech Month – a month dedicated to raising public awareness about hearing health, wellness and communication. According to WHO, approximately one-third of people over 65 years old are affected by disabling hearing loss. Our hearing is an essential aspect of our daily lives and Better Hearing Month is a great time to remind yourself and those you love to have their hearing checked.

Even those who may not experience hearing loss themselves could benefit from learning about maintaining healthy hearing and communicating with others who have hearing loss.

Here are a few things to keep in mind for Better Hearing & Speech Month:

· Have your hearing checked! When was the last time you had a hearing assessment? Just like you have your eyes and teeth checked out once or twice a year, your ears need the same tlc. Take the time this month to schedule a hearing assessment even if you don’t currently suspect hearing loss.

· Be mindful of communication techniques. Whether you suffer from hearing loss or not, it’s great to be mindful of helpful communication strategies for others. Facing the person you are speaking to, speaking clearly, and checking in with those you know have hearing impairment can help them feel included and ease the stress of missing out on the conversation.

· Practice health hearing habits. Hearing loss can often occur gradually over time, and there are a lot of ways we can help prevent it. Using hearing protection around loud noises, listening to music at reasonable volumes, not using Q-tips, keeping ears dry and managing stress levels are all excellent ways to help maintain healthy hearing.

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