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Welcoming the New Year!

A brand-new year has arrived at our doorsteps, bringing with it new opportunities and new possibilities! As we ring in the year with a resounding cheer, we watch as the year stretches out before us, and we listen as the ringing bells speak of hope. Hope for new, exciting experiences with our loved ones. Hope for success as we get to work each day and give it our all. Hope for good health and good humour every day of the year.

One vital, but often overlooked part of good health is hearing health! You can never start a hearing health check-up regimen too soon. Think of it as an annual wellness check-up with your doctor. By starting a check-up regimen sooner rather than later, not only will it become just another annual doctor's office visit, you will also be able to catch any potential hearing impairment right away.

Untreated hearing loss can be attributed to missing promotions at work, missing out on fun conversations with family and friends, depression and even dementia. The good news is that correcting hearing loss removes all these issues. The earlier you seek treatment, the better, but it is never too late!

And with the new year comes new hearing technology in Phonak Audéo Lumina, leading to more natural hearing than ever, greater speech recognition and more connectivity options:

o Stay in touch with the important people in your life no matter where you are, in a noisy room, an airline terminal, even a water park!

o Stay active and fit, run and sweat, take a swim, enjoy the rain, or even have a good, old-fashioned water fight, since they are water proof!

o Stay connected with all your Bluetooth® devices, so you can enjoy a phone call, listen to music, watch a movie, or even play a video game!

o Stay on top of your activity from one day to the next, from the number of steps you take to how far you've walked, even how long you've worn your hearing aids!

o And at the end of the day, crawl in bed and put your hearing aids into their charging case, so they'll be ready for another fun-filled day, tomorrow!

Schedule your hearing health check-up today! We look forward to joining you on your journey to better hearing.

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