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  • Thomas Pilla

The Roar of Summer

The grass is growing, the weeds are sprouting, and the land is becoming lush and green. When spring arrives, it's nice to see everything begin to grow. As we move into summer, the time to get out the mowers, trimmers and other lawn equipment arrives. When the trimming's done, and you're ready for a bit of fun, you might head out to an outdoor concert or get the old dirt bike out and hit the trails. Or perhaps you enjoy shooting and are ready to hit the outdoor range.

Exposure to loud noise is one of the leading causes of hearing loss. And when the world outside comes alive, some very loud noise comes along for the ride. The best way to avoid hearing loss is hearing protection. The most common forms of hearing protection are earmuffs or ear plugs that you can get at any hardware store. They're good at masking sound, but they're uncomfortable to wear, and they can mask sounds that you actually want to hear.

The recently launched Phonak Serenity Choice hearing protection line eliminates the discomfort of those shrieking guitars, big bangs or loud motors while allowing you to hear what's happening around you. It is offered in a range based on different needs, from Music, Hunting & Shooting, Motorsports, Work, Sleep and Comfort.

Music and Hunting & Shooting will protect your hearing on the stage, in the audience or at the range. Motorsport will make engine noise more comfortable while allowing you to hear what's happening, whether or not you're wearing a helmet.

Of course, summer isn't just yard work or fun and games. Work and Comfort can help you concentrate on your job, whether you work on the factory floor, in a busy office building or sitting at a desk in the corner of the family room.

When the day's done, and you're ready to head to bed, Sleep will help you drift off peacefully, whether your bedroom is down the hall from a busy kitchen, a window away from a busy street or occupied by a snoring partner.

Both your hearing and your peace of mind are vital, and Serenity Choice can help keep them safe. Contact us if you’re interested in learning more about hearing protection and which one would work for your lifestyle!

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