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  • Thomas Pilla

Hearing Care for All

In honor of World Hearing Day 2023 earlier this month, the World Health Organization wanted to highlight the importance of our ability to hear and advocate for training primary care doctors to recognize hearing health issues. This lofty goal can be achieved as follows:

H Hearing screening. The easiest way to start on the journey of hearing health is to be screened, perhaps as an annual hearing health check-up, with an ear exam and hearing test, followed by treatment options if hearing loss is discovered.

E Ear disease prevention and, if necessary, treatment. During your hearing health screening, an ear exam may uncover any ear diseases or the potential for their development, and your hearing healthcare provider may discuss preventative options.

A Access to cutting-edge technology. For the hearing healthcare practitioner, this means the latest diagnostic equipment. And for the patient, this means hearing aids with the latest connectivity options for a wide range of devices, from smartphones to smart TVs.

R Rehabilitation services. Anyone who has suffered from hearing loss for any period of time, then gets hearing aids, may need counselling to help navigate this new, louder world.

I Improving communication. Hearing loss affects more than 5.5% of the world's population, and that number is rapidly increasing, so more people should talk about this more often.

N Noise reduction. Using gas powered tools like a lawnmower or even sitting in traffic on a busy city street can be damaging to your ears, but hearing protection like Phonak's Serenity Choice will keep your ears safe and, uh, sound.

G Greater community engagement. More people talking about hearing loss may translate to more people being screened, thus more people seeking treatment.

The first step, hearing screening, is the most important step, so why not book an appointment for a hearing health check-up? If your ears are perfectly healthy, then continuing an annual screening will ensure they stay that way for many years to come!

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