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Celebrating World Hearing Day with top 10 Hearing Loss Books for Children

"To hear for life, listen with care." These wise words can help us navigate life, whether or not we or a loved one suffers from hearing loss. This is the theme of World Hearing Day, which is sponsored by the World Health Organization (WHO).

This event, celebrated on March 3rd of each year, seeks to educate people about hearing loss and promote early detection and treatment. In 2007, a group of hearing professionals, educators and social workers met in Beijing, China, and declared that a day should be dedicated to ear and hearing healthcare. In 2014, the WHO got involved and launched what eventually became World Hearing Day.

What better way is there to celebrate hearing health, than by offering the oldest reason for speech known to humankind, which is a simple story? Here are our ten favourite books:

1. Harriet Versus the Galaxy by Samantha Baines. Harriet sets off on an outer space adventure, during which she discovers that her hearing aid can translate any alien language.

2. Freddie and the Fairy by Julia Donaldson. Freddie rescues a fairy named Bessie-Belle, who offers to grant him his wish for a pet. Bessie-Belle can't hear well, though, so they must discover how to communicate.

3. Lizzie and Lucky: The Mystery of the Stolen Puppies by Megan Rix. Lizzie's parents want 101 reasons why she needs a puppy. She's deaf, so she could raise a hearing dog! But when she witnesses puppy thievery, she sets off to solve the mystery.

4. Can Bears Ski? by Raymond Antrobus. Little Bear feels the vibrations of life all around him, but he has a hard time understanding words, and he keeps hearing the statement, "Can bears ski?" Dad Bear helps him answer that question.

5. Completely Me by Justine Green, Ed.D. When the townsfolk tell a little girl that there's something different about her, she stands up for herself and teaches the townsfolk what it means to be accepting of others.

6. J.W. The Deaf Drummer by Myles Hunt. J.W is deaf. He teaches his friends how to communicate via sign language and lip-reading, then he highlights his talent to keep the beat for the music.

7. Ranvir Cannot Hear by Genevieve Yusuf. A little elephant named Ranvir goes on a quest to discover his hearing. Instead, he finds that what he can do is much more important than what he can't hear.

8. Mighty Mila by Katie Petruzziello. Mila sets out to be a big kid, who can tackle any task on her own. She even solves a problem with her cochlear implant! But the true test of her mightiness is just around the corner.

9. Maxi’s Super Ears by Maggie Klein. Maxi receives his first pair of hearing aids and rediscovers the wonderful, amazing and noisy world. He also finds that embracing our differences makes us whole.

10. Can you Hear Me Now? by Demii Wright. This autobiographical journey of a nine-year-old explores her experiences with sudden hearing loss. She reaches out to others with impaired hearing, so they can share their experiences with her.

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